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Should A Home Buyer Be There Fore The Inspection?

If you can, it’s well worth the time, because we can talk with you about both the problems and the good points of the home you’re buying. In the final report, we only review the defects. And, while we also include plenty of photos in your report, there’s nothing that makes things quite as clear as actually examining problem areas with a professional inspector.

Unfortunately, a real-life home inspection is not as exciting as the shows on HGTV, where the host immediately sees, understands, and explains amazing things about the house as he saunters from room-to-room, then reaches for a Saw-All to slice away a chunk of wall and show you what’s inside.
We can’t cut any holes, pull up flooring, or disassemble anything without incurring the wrath of the seller. Also, tagging along with us at the beginning of the inspection is usually counter-productive. We need to spend some time alone examining the whole house before we can talk to you intelligently about it. That stain in the bedroom ceiling, for example, will typically require a look in the attic and up on the roof before we can understand what’s going on.
Plus, house defects are often interconnected. One defect can cause a second defect, which will then create a third problem. A concealed water intrusion area inside a wall, for example, can cause corrosion in an electric receptacle, which makes the receptacle short out, which causes a circuit breaker in the panel to trip repeatedly. Investigating the tripped breaker leads us back to the concealed water intrusion, one step at a time.

So please don’t be offended if we ask you to let us have a little time alone with the house (typically about half an hour) before we can begin to talk with you, answering your questions, and walking around and showing you our findings. Some realtors suggest that their customers arrive about a half hour to an hour after the beginning of the inspection so that the inspectors will be well-oriented to the home and ready to talk with you--and we think that’s a great idea. Of course, if you are planning on doing some measurements for your furniture placement while at the inspection, the first half-hour is a good time to do that, too.
If your work or travel schedule makes it impossible to be at the inspection, be sure to let us know, because then we want to talk with you beforehand about any special concerns you have, things you saw that we should investigate further, photos you want us to send you, your remodeling ideas, and anything else you want us to know about the house.

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