Monday, May 29, 2017

What Is Causing A Foggy Haze On My Windows?

If you have window panes that are clouded over, it’s likely that they are double-pane (insulated) and have lost the inert gas sealed between the two panes of glass. Check to make sure that the clouding is not on the outside by cleaning the glass first.

After about 20 years, the seals around the perimeter of the glass fail due to the fatigue caused by the expansion/contraction movement of repeated heat/cool weather cycles. When the pressurized gas escapes, humid outdoor air enters through the gaps and dew forms on the inside surface during temperature drops, which allows a growing layer of dust to adhere to the interior surface of the glass—and also, in some cases, the powder of moisture-absorbing silica pellets that were inserted at the factory to forestall moisture-intrusion problems.

While it is possible to replace only the sash (affected glass and frame around it), more often it is cost-effective to replace the entire window. Most real estate contracts that provide an allowance for repairs disclaim “cosmetic” defects, meaning ones that effect only the appearance of the home, like a stained carpet or scratched kitchen countertop, and some sellers will argue that a fogged window is only cosmetic. But the loss of the gas seal also destroys the insulating ability and rating of the window. Because of that it is a material defect and should be repaired.

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