Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Are a Range and Refrigerator Required Kitchen Appliances For a House To Pass FHA Inspection?

Free-standing appliances, such as a range or refrigerator, are not required for an FHA mortgage. But any built-in appliances that have been removed or not yet installed must be in place. So, if the built-in cooktop and oven in the kitchen image above were missing, it would need to be replaced. SitePro takes pictures and gets the serial numbers during the home inspection, and later finds that appliances have been removed. Therefore, asking the listing agent to contact their client and return the appliance. But, if instead, there was simply a gap along the counter and base cabinets for a free-standing range to slide into, then it would not be required by FHA.

A missing dishwasher, because it is also a built-in appliance, would be a red flag for the FHA appraiser. If a home has a defined location for a dishwasher, with plumbing and electrical in place, then a dishwasher must be in it. Also, any appliances that are present in the home must be functional and safe to operate.

The FHA requirements are intended to make sure that any home loan with an FHA guarantee is both livable and safe, without requiring any additional work or investment. The things they do require are outlined their Handbook 4905.1, Rev. 1, “Requirements for Existing Housing - One To Four Family Living Units,” and includes:

  • Safe and potable water
  • Sanitary facilities and a sewage disposal system
  • Adequate heating
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Electricity for lighting and equipment in the home

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