Friday, April 21, 2017

Why Is A Carpeted Bathroom A Bad Idea?

Wall-to-wall carpet in the bathroom was a hot design trend in 1970s. It was often a shag texture and next to a sunken bathtub. Together, they were a fashion-forward emblem of the era. 
While sunken tubs slipped out of vogue long ago, we occasionally still come across a carpeted bathroom in our inspections. It is a quick and cheap way to cover up deteriorated older floor tile; but the carpet and underlying pad act like a sponge to absorb and hold any wetness from:
  • Shower steam that condenses on the carpet.
  • Water splashing from the tub, shower and sink.
  • Water dripping onto the carpet while towel drying after bathing.
  • Minor toilet leakage that seeps into the carpet pad unnoticed.
  • And last, but not least, the men in the house may have poor aim or a split-stream that sprays urine around the base of the toilet.
We call out carpeted bathrooms as an area of concern for homebuyers in our inspection report because of the potential for mold growth, but don’t really need to when the carpet is already visibly stained and matted. While it is possible to live with a carpeted bathroom if your are incredibly meticulous about moisture control, why go to all that trouble? A small rug with anti-slip bottom surface provides a soft place for bare feet after a shower, and it is easy to remove and clean—or just replace.

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