Monday, April 17, 2017

Why Do I Have to Hold Down The Button To Close My Garage Door?

You are overriding the infrared beam sensor when you hold down the wall button continuously while the garage door is closing; so, if you have to do this to close the door, it means the sensor is malfunctioning. Any transmitter, like a handheld “clicker” or outdoor keypad, will also not work to close the door if there is a problem with the sensor. One of the sensor lights will usually be blinking when there is a malfunction.

The most common reasons are that one of the sensors has been accidentally knocked and the beam is out of alignment, or something is blocking the path of the beam between the sensors. A spiderweb with debris in it is sometimes enough to block the beam. Check for these two things first. 

It can also be caused by dirt on the sensor eyes, loose or corroded wire connections at the sensors or the motor head, or just that the sensors have gone bad and need to be replaced. We recommend unplugging the garage door opener and then re-plugging it back in after any repairs or adjustments to reset the system.

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