Monday, April 10, 2017

How Far Away Can the Attachment Point of Electrical Service Conductors be for a Service Head that is under the Roof?

New overhead electric service comes to a house at a service mast with a service head that extends above the roof, like in  the photo at right. But older electric service was often run to a service head below the roof, with the service cables secured to the fascia of the roof or high area of wall nearby and then looped over to the service head. 

The National Electrical Code (NEC) still allows this older type of service, and specifies that the service head must be located above the point of attachment to the house. But it allows one exception [230.54 (C) Ex.]:

When it is impracticable to locate the service head or gooseneck above the point of attachment, the service head or gooseneck location shall be permitted not farther than 600 mm (24 in.) from the point of attachment.

The service head under the soffit at left corner of the home in the photo above (left arrow) is not above the attachment and about 11 feet from the attachment point on the wall (right arrow), so it is not acceptable.

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