Monday, January 30, 2017

A Typical Outline of the SitePro Home Inspection:

A SitePro Home Inspection consist of an educational tour of the property if you are available. We encouraged you to accompany our SitePro inspectors to gain valuable "show & tell" information, to ask questions, and to gain knowledge regarding the true condition of the property. 
SitePro Home Inspectors will follow a practiced, efficient and comprehensive methodology to examine the entire home. The SitePro inspector will also use an earnest effort to disclose the visual problems of importance and to document those observations in a final narrative report that you can read and understand in order to make intelligent decisions. The inspection process begins with a tour of the exterior of the home including the roof, and then progresses into the attic.
Outside, the inspector will observe such things as the drainage grade on the property, vegetation, driveways & walks, entrances, porches, decks, foundation above grade, sliding doors & windows, soffit, garage, roof, gutters and chimneys. While not required, an effort is made to climb on the roof to inspect it from above unless the height, pitch and weather conditions put the inspector's safety at risk. If climbing on the roof is not possible, the roof is examined by binoculars, or from a sub-roof or by a ladder at the eaves. While outside, the inspector will observe the condition and function of each of the mechanical systems including: heating system, electrical system, plumbing system, hot water heater and central air conditioning system. Also the professional SitePro home inspector will observe the condition of the structure including: foundation, columns and floor frame.
Special efforts are made to disclose any evidence of decay or water infiltration. Progressing upwards, the inspector next examines the kitchen. He checks the function of the sink and all plumbing connections and briefly operates the appliances.
Each bathroom fixture is examined and the functional condition is evaluated. Within the living spaces, walls, floors, ceilings and staircases are all examined along with a representative sample of windows, outlets, switches & lights. The SitePro professional inspector will even stick his head inside the fireplace. While in the attic, the building inspector will examine the accessible parts of the roof structure. He also alerts you regarding signs of previous roof or flashing leaks and potential leakage points. The attic insulation, vapor barrier and means of ventilation are also inspected.
At the conclusion of the actual inspection of the property a full verbal report will be given to you. The inspector will then return to the SitePro office where a full reference library is available to the inspector so any additional facts can be copied and made available to you, something a on the spot report cannot do. We spend on average 2-3 hours after the property inspection to prepare a very comprehensive narrative final report. The report will document all of the observations made at the time of inspection and will advise you to contact other qualified experts when major repairs are anticipated. The report is then delivered to you in a form that can be easily read and understood. After the SitePro residential inspection process has been completed we will always provide as much free phone consultation as needed

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