Friday, March 6, 2015

Knox Pest Control Sued for Defrauding Cancer Patient & Causing Hundreds of Thousands in Damage to Springhill Home

From his bed, a cancer stricken Mobile, Alabama lawyer was asked to sign a release for all termite claims the family may have against Knox Pest Control. The company had been making repairs to the Springhill home for months and claimed it had repaired ...all termite damage and finally treated the home as required by law.

The lawyer smelled a rat and refused to sign the broad release.

Knox representatives claimed to have carefully inspected the whole home and repaired all potential damage. The cancer patient's wife was assured that all the termite tunnels had been traced to the endpoint.

Curiously, before leaving, a Knox representative hinted to the homemaker that there was a “moisture issue” in the chimney and family may want to check it out. Campbell Law PC lawyer Tom Campbell not only smelled the rat, he walked across the attic floor and saw pencil-thick Formosan termite tunnels in the chimney area from a dozen feet away.

A household screwdriver revealed the expected: Formosan termites had hollowed-out the wood
supports that framed the chimney.

Wooden chimneys tend to leak when the structural support is eaten away by termites. The walls adjacent to the fireplace show cracks that are a tale-tell sign of walls moving. None of this was disclosed to the cancer patient when he was asked to sign-away his rights.

The family retained Campbell Law PC. An arbitration claim was filed on December 23, 2014.

The arbitration case will allege several forms of fraud stemming from the practice of making partial termite treatments, and for misrepresenting to this family how badly damaged their home really was.

The suit alleges a decrease of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the value of the home because of the termite infestation and damage that remains in the home.
--- Filed: December 23, 2014

Witnesses with helpful information about Knox's business practices are encouraged to call Tom Campbell (205) 567-6490 or Robert Walker (205)278-6652.

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