Monday, March 16, 2015

Here's Five Ways to Get Rid of Termites

Termites are those ant-like crawling insects that eat wood and make your life hell (you've seen cartoons about termites, right?). They create big problems to house owners, as they can make unrepairable damage on the items they attack.

The worst thing is, they can infest your home and thrive there for years without you even knowing of their existence. They are very discreet creatures. It's much later when you see objects falling apart that you know you have a problem.

Infestations are very unpleasant and every respectful home owner needs to make the needed precautions to keep these insects away.

The first thing to know about this matter, is if there's dead wood, there are termites. It doesn't matter what it is - fallen branches, rotting stumps, or anything else, it's most likely to become termite dinner.

And, if these objects are close to your house, the termites will surely spare a glance there as well.

So... like I say often, prevention is the best attack.
  1.     Be sure to trim your bushes and keep your trees healthy. If there are fallen branches, keep them out of your lawn. If there are old stumps near by, dig them out and dispose of them. It sounds like a lot of work, but it's nothing compared to what awaits you when termites infest your home.
  2.    Also, keep all kinds of piles of firewood, stalks of lumber and any other wood products away from your house. They can also attract termites.
  3.     A good precaution is to seal all cracks you can see on your wall and floor. Termites can get into your house from everywhere. Leaky pipes and gutters can also attract them. Like every insect they also thrive near a water source. And, having wood (a food source) is like inviting them to a hotel.
  4.     As a responsible owner, you should also do regular inspections of your house and land for a possible infestation. As I said earlier, with termites, it doesn't have to be visible to know that there is trouble ahead.
  5.     Once an infestation is stated, there are good insecticide products which can be very helpful.    One is a repellent, which when sprayed, termites run away from the odour.    The other is an actual poisonous product that kills them.

However, as effective those methods are, a termite colony is huge and you can't be sure that you can find all of them to spray. And, it's enough to miss only a few before they breed and make the colony the same size.

This is why the best way to be sure you are rid of the nasty insects is to call for a pest control company. In the end professionals are the only people, who can give you guarantee your home is safe... If it's not too late, that is.

By Expert Author Ashley D Davidson

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