Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to Replace and Install Your Kitchen Faucet

You use it everyday and whether its dripping, outdated or your families needs have changed, you will want to change to a sleek, new updated faucet. Luckily installing a kitchen faucet is extremely simple.

Before you begin, check to see how many holes your sink currently has by looking underneath your sink. For this project you will need a faucet, basin wrench, wrenches, supply lines, plumbers putty, putty knife, plumbers, tape and a small bucket. To begin remove the old faucet by turning off the hot and cold water. Disconnect the supply lines and remove the bolts that connect the current faucet to the sink. Simply life the old faucet off.

To install the new faucet, place the putty plate onto the deck plate. Place putty around the edges of the plate and install. The putty will keep water from dripping water down into the cabinet. Now guide the pipes through the holes and install the washers and hardware underneath the sink. Connect the supply lines and turn the water back on. Check for leaks, and tighten your connections.

There, you are done and ready to tackle and stack of dishes!

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