Saturday, July 12, 2014

Helpful Information About Air Conditioning Cost

There are many air conditioning cost factors to consider before deciding on what type of system that you want to purchase for your new home or having one replaced in your existing home.

First of all you have to decide how much of your air conditioning cost is in your budget. This cost category will be much less if you were to install the air conditioning system while you are building your house. In this way, you can avoid the expenses that will be incurred by having ducts installed or sized to accommodate a new system.

You may find that the size unit you have in your home is not adequate for cooling the square footage of living space. There are several reasons this could happen. A builder/contractor may have installed a smaller unit when the home was built; or the home could be larger now than when it was first built. At any rate, if you have to up the tonnage size of your system, remember the average tonnage is 500 square feet for every ton of air conditioning. This will help you to determine if you have the proper tonnage for your home and assist you in purchasing a larger unit.

Next you will want to do research on the internet and look up manufacturers of air conditioning systems. Check out their warranties and determine if you want electric heat, a heat pump, a gas heat system or an oil heat system. Also you want to consider if you want a high energy efficient system. These systems could really be expensive due to all the electronics involved. You may just want a basic system that will heat and cool your home.

The final step of your air conditioning cost includes who will be installing the system that you have decided to purchase. One thing to consider is that due to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations a typical home owner or person cannot just go to your local supply house and purchase systems or parts for your air conditioner. The contractor will have to be EPA certified. These are just some of the costs you will have to consider when purchasing a new air conditioner system for your home.

Steven Gail is a skilled technician from the field who educates homeowners on saving money by performing their HVAC Preventative Maintenance at home.

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