Sunday, March 9, 2014

Natural Gas Cooking Systems

  •     Thoroughly clean your range as often as necessary.
  •     Don't preheat your oven unless the recipe calls for it.
  •     Allow frozen foods to defrost before cooking.
  •     Adjust the natural gas flame to fit your pans - the flame should never come up around the sides of a pan.
  •     Cook with as little water as possible and cover the pan.
  •     Reduce the flame after boiling has started.
  •     Use a pressure cooker to save cooking time and to cook less expensive cuts of meat.
  •     Avoid opening the oven door and allowing heat to escape while food is cooking.
  •     Take advantage of cooking aids such as meat thermometers, meat probes and time and temperature charts.
  •     Don't use foil to line your oven - it can interfere with air circulation.
  •     Place the pan on your natural gas range burner before you turn on the heat.
  •     Plan to cook more than one dish at a time, perhaps an entire meal, in your oven or broiler. If you have a double oven, use the smaller oven for one-dish cooking.

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