Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tips For Maintaining Your Sanity While Selling Your Home During Separation or Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult time. Even in a situation where both parties involved agree that moving on in life is the best choice, the complications of doing so can leave you, angry, confused and stressed. In addition to how you are feeling, if there are hurting children involved the situation can become even more overwhelming.

Not everyone has to sell the home in a divorce. Some buy the other out and sometimes the home is part of a settlement agreement, but most often the home is sold and proceeds are split between the two parties involved. How do you get through this process and keep your sanity?

As someone who has gone through this process personally, and as a realtor who has worked with many couples going through this I have a few tips to help you ensure the sale goes as smoothly as possible.

1. If you can afford it, you should each have an appraisal done. This way you will not be arguing over value. At the very least, be sure to get at least one, and a market evaluation from a realtor.

2. Chose a realtor who is experienced in dealing with divorces. An experienced realtor will sit down with you and work out a framework for dealing with communication, showings, and offer negotiations. Depending on how you get along with your ex or soon to be ex spouse, you may deal together with these issues, or the realtor may need to deal with you separately. It is always best to have the parameters for this set in advance.

3. Decide on your asking price, and your bottom line. Also discuss the best closing date in advance.

4. Your realtor will have some advise on what you should do to stage your home to get it ready for sale. If you and your partner can work together on this that is best, but if the circumstances do not merit that, decide who will do what and when. If there any expenses to be incurred, decide in advance how that will be handled.

5. Try and avoid the 'he said/she said' talk with your realtor. Remember your realtor is working on behalf of both of you to make this as smooth as possible.

6. When it comes to showings, be flexible.

7. When it is time to negotiate an offer, remember it is not the buyers fault that you are going through this transition.

8. Remember - there is life after divorce. No matter how things may feel right now, it will get better.

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