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Maintaining Your Home Could Save You Money When It Comes Time to Sell

Roof leaks, air conditioning and heating failures, electrical shorts, dripping faucets and all the other repairs that come with home ownership can make home ownership seem quite costly in both time and money. Is home maintenance really that costly? Well, yes and no. Yes they can add up to a lot of your time and money to keep in good repair. But no, in the long run, it's not that costly because you don't have to make the repairs all at once. They usually occur one at a time, so the repairs are spread out over a long time period, not to mention several paychecks. But there are some good reasons to keep up with the repairs making it easier to sell your house fast.

Avoid Future Problems
You're outside doing yard work and notice a few tree limbs have grown large enough to be scraping the upstairs windows. It's not a problem now, but it might be later. So you pull out the ladder and a chain saw, and climb up to remove the offending limbs. This will prevent a broken window then next time a good old, gully-washer, of a Texas storm howls through your neighborhood.

Preventing Small Problems from Becoming Huge Problems
This is an extension of the old adage "a stitch in time saves nine." If you're doing some repairs or house cleaning and discover a minor leak in the kitchen sink plumbing, do you fix it now or wait until it becomes a major leak requiring a plumber? Fixing a small leak now means a trip to the hardware store for a few dollars worth of parts and an hour or two of your time. Waiting until you need a plumber means a few hundred dollars on a plumber's visit and possibly having to take a day off of work to wait for the plumber to work you into his or her schedule.

Keeping Your Home Looking Good
You notice that the Texas heat is drying out the paint on your home's exterior, making it look dull and dingy. It hasn't started cracking and peeling yet, and the Home Owner's Association (HOA) isn't complaining, yet. But give them time. They'll notice, and they'll start sending letters until you take care of it. A few gallons of paint and some paint supplies will save you some grief later. Besides, it'll cost you less paint to cover the problem now than having to take care of that cracking, peeling paint later.

Saving Your Repairs for a Rainy Day Could Cost You More
Putting off that leaky roof repair for a rainy day? Well, you'll not only have to repair the roof, but the sheet rock, the carpet or hardwood floor, the drapes, some furniture, and repaint to boot. Yeah, that "stitch in time" analogy again. But if you put everything off until you are thinking about selling your house, well then it will cost you a lot of money and time all at once. Most buyers are not going to buy your house as is. That is, unless they're looking to buy a house dirt cheap so they can flip it and make a tidy profit.

So maintaining your home and making the repairs as they crop up will keep you from taking a loss on your home by being forced to sell it someone who only buys ugly houses. It'll also keep the HOA off your back, not to mention, keeping the neighbors from turning you in to the HOA at every opportunity. Believe me, it's worth the effort just to keep your neighbors and the HOA happy.

By Expert Author Christopher Lindsey
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