Friday, January 10, 2014

Best Landscape Design Practices

If the right landscape design practices are abided by it is often quite easy to create an eye pleasing and well-groomed backyard. If just starting out with gardening, the thought of landscaping even a small-scale garden might seem to be quite overwhelming, but once the right design techniques for landscaping a garden have been learnt, it can become a much easier process. Here are some of the basic principles to look at when looking to update a rather neglected backyard -

Balance - a quite simple practice of landscaping a backyard is to use a technique known as balance, which basically means you can plant flowers or position rocks or borders on either side of a single feature. An example of that would be to create a border of plants or similar down each edge of a front pathway. This simple practice is also quite effective if done on a front porch. The main point of balance is to ensure that visual appearance of the individual elements work well together, and that one side isn't able to overwhelm the other.

Besides symmetrical balance, where one side matches the other, you can also look at the more creative asymmetrical balance, where you are essentially getting objects to balance, which might well be quite different in appearance, but offer a comparable visual weight or comparable landscape elements, such as plants, trees, rocks or borders. This type of balance is often a lot more difficult to achieve, but is certainly able to offer a more interesting finish.

Color - a key feature to any well-designed backyard is its color, which might range from the vibrant and bright flowers, plants, and shrubs to pebbles, fences, and similar yard features. A good rule of thumb is to go with two or three well-chosen colors and repeat those throughout the garden. By following this principle, you should be left with a garden that offers continuity with a mix of colors which are able to draw the eye, and gives the impression of a well-planned landscape.

Continuity - similar to most design practices, it helps to use continuity in a yards landscape to create the right level of coordination and organization. The right continuity can be achieved using a well-thought-out group flowers, shrubs, or plants. While the same can be said for using build materials which are able to complement the main residence or outbuildings, such as the shed, garage, or workshop.

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By Sam J Loeb

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