Friday, May 17, 2013

Make Your Yard Sell Your House: Improving Landscape Tips

Your yard is the first thing that prospective buyers see when they drive up to your house. This is why it is imperative that you improve your landscaping before you place your home up for sale. Here are some quick and inexpensive ways you can make your yard sell your house.

Tip #1: Cut the Grass and Edge

No one wants to see tall weeds in your yard as they drive up to it. Cut the grass so that it's at least an inch tall. Don't forget to get the edger out to use it around your walkways and driveway. It will give your entire yard a very clean and fresh look.

Tip #2: Remove Weeds from Flowerbeds

Just as no one wants to see huge weeds growing in the yard, they also don't want to see them in your flowerbeds. Get those weeds out of those areas to clean them up.

Tip #3: Buy Mulch

Mulch makes your whole yard look brand new. Place the mulch in all of your flowerbeds and around the trees and possibly even the mailbox. You will see how much better your yard will look once you get to this step.

Tip #4: Add a Home Appeal

Did you know that many people see their yard as an additional room to their house? Make your yard another room by placing a comfortable area for people to gather. You can purchase some inexpensive yard furniture and place it in a quiet area. Purchase a bird feeder, bird bath and possible some lanterns to illuminate the night sky for those warm, quiet nights in the backyard.

Tip #5: Clean Your House

You don't just have to clean the inside of your house; you need to clean the outside as well. Get the power washer out and some cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the house to get the deep set in dirt loose and then use the power washer to clean it all off. You shouldn't be able to see any mold on the exterior of your home.

Tip #6: Touch Up Issues

Does your house lack luster? It may need a fresh coat of paint. You don't have to paint the entire house, but painting the trim could give your house a new look. Don't forget about your doors because they can get marked up and dull too.

By following these tips, you will make your house one that people will want to come inside to see. All you need to do next is make your inside match the outside beauty.

By Nathaniel Gustafson

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