Sunday, April 21, 2013

How To Properly Maintain Your Windows

The windows of your home are important in keeping moisture and temperature in check within the house. There are a few things every homeowner should know.

 Here are a few tips to keep your windows in top condition:

  •     Be on the lookout for mildew or peeling paint. These can be signs of moisture problems.
  •     On the outside, the portion of the window that is connected to the home's brick or siding should be caulked all the way around.
  •     Some storm windows have a slot or hole ¼" in diameter or smaller. These are called "weep holes" and are present to allow water to drain outside and prevent mildew and rot. Sometimes these holes are caulked.  They shouldn't be because they allow moisture to escape.
  •     Check the caulk and paint condition of all windows, especially South facing ones. The exposure to the sun can increase deterioration of these materials.
  •     Be aware that peeling paint on older homes may contain lead, which may be a health concern.
By: Van Hibberts, CMI
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