Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Noteworthy News, Heating Your Home During These Cooler Days and Evenings

Weatherization programs have been popular across the United States in helping homeowners identify effective energy-saving improvements. Some improvements include adding insulation, upgrading heaters, replacing or reinforcing windows and adding weather-stripping, thresholds, and/or door sweeps to reduce the amount of heat loss.

Weatherization assistance programs vary state-to-state, SitePro can provide an initial energy audit of the home, followed by recommended repairs. Priority may be given based on income or age of the residents.

Some programs are funded by the State of Florida or federal agencies and may include a follow-up inspection to determine if greater energy efficiencies are met. As with anything, never trust anyone who requires money up front. Generally an initial interview process is necessary.

As a result of weatherizing the home, energy is saved, heating costs will drop and the comfort of those living in the home increases. SitePro can provide you with an energy audit.

Did You Know?

One portable generator can produce as much carbon monoxide as hundreds of cars. This is why generators should never be used indoors, in garages, basements or sheds. Contact SitePro to have one of there inspectors schedule an appointment.

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