Monday, January 7, 2013

Tips for Saving Money on Power and Utility Bills

Going green can do more than save the environment; it will also save you money. By following a few simple tips you can save resources and money on your power and utility bills.

Power Bills

Something as easy as changing your air filters regularly will lower your electric bill. Change them once a month to make it easier for your air conditioner to work, which uses less energy and give the machine a longer life. Keeping the house well insulated and replacing weather stripping regularly will also take pressure off of your air conditioner. Solar screens can be professionally installed or you can install them yourself. This addition to your home will lower the temperature by five to ten degrees before using the air conditioner.

LED light bulbs are a practical alternative to traditional bulbs. They have an even greater lifespan than CFL bulbs, ten years to be precise, and fit well into most outlets. LED light bulbs also use a fraction of the electricity that standard light bulbs do. Planting shade trees near the house will keep the temperature cool while improving the air quality.

Utility Bills

Replacing old appliances with new energy saving models will greatly reduce both energy and utility bills. Newer dishwashers and washing machines require less water than older appliances. Adding aerators to faucets and showers can improve water conservation. Just be sure that the gallon per minute (GPM) is around 1.5. New toilets are typically created to conserve water. The older models can waste 27 percent of the water in a household. It is also helpful to replace the flapper regularly to prevent leaking and add a refill diverter. Displace the water in the tank by filling a water bottle with sand and placing it in the tank. This will allow the tank to fill with less water and still flush.

If you have a pool, keep it covered to prevent water evaporation. Solar covers are available. Landscape with local plants that do not require much water, and use drip irrigation to maintain them. You should also try to water between midnight and 4 am for the best results.

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