Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Basic Home Improvements : About Old House Wiring

Old house wiring might only be set up to have a 60-amp service, as they were built before the increased electricity demands of modern electronics and appliances. Find out how to figure out the wiring of an old house with tips from a licensed remodeling contractor in this free video on home improvements.

Expert: Tim Gipson
Bio: Tim Gipson is a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in Franklin, Tenn.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

Series Description: Doing basic home improvements is a great way to learn new skills and save money. Consider putting in a pond or fountain to a yard with tips from a licensed remodeling contractor in this free video series on home improvements.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Urban Fire Safety Task Force Provides Recommendations on Outreach

Derrick Sawyer, Deputy Chief of Philadelphia Fire Departments Fire Prevention Division and member of NFPA's Urban Fire Safety Task Force (, discusses Task Force recommendations on public education and outreach to fire departments in cities with population of 250,000 or more. Chief Sawyer give examples of how two of these recommendations were implemented in the city of Philadelphia.

Learn more about Urban Fire Safety at

You can find more information about NFPA's Urban Fire Safety Task Force online at

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fabric-Shield® Storm Panels Large Missile Product Comparison

What happens after the glass breaks? Steel panels have been used for years as hurricane protection. They protect against rapid internal pressurization and against glass breakage from small wind driven debris. But will they prevent window breakage from large debris? Testing has proven that they do not.

The purpose of this test is to compare window damage when Fabric Shield and corrugated steel panels are impacted by a large missile traveling at 50fps per SSTD 12-99, ASTM E1996, ASTM E1886 for large missile impact. All test data from these demonstrations are available upon request.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Swimming Pool Information

This information can clarify and help answer some questions.

Pool types: Pools are available in two types: above ground and in-ground. The type can determine the amount and kind of cleaning methods. Pool materials: Pools come in a variety of different materials, some requiring more maintenance than others. Fiberglass is used for a one-piece tub fitted into a pre-dug hole. The slick surface repels algae, but it will need occasional re-coating. Concrete is covered with a plaster water seal that can take more wear and tear than other pool materials. It'll probably need to be replaced every 7 to 10 years. Aggregate finish is a concrete pool with a specialized finish that has better traction. It's covered with a layer of embedded rounded gravel. Tile is a concrete pool with a tile finish instead of a plaster finish. The tile surface requires less surface maintenance than other surfaces. The slick surface of a vinyl liner, like fiberglass, repels algae. Pool problems: How much your pool is used will help determine the amount of cleaning needed. For instance, murky or colored water may mean you have chemical imbalances, pollutants such as microorganisms, or a clogged filter. Clogged filters can mean money down the drain. Algae can be another spoiler. It needs to be attacked two ways -- through chemical treatment, and a lot of filtering, backwashing, scrubbing, and skimming. Whether it is green, brown, or little black spots of algae, it will take over your pool if it is not dealt with immediately. Features: Pools can have several features that can affect your cleaning job. Many larger pools have heaters, especially those installed in cooler climates. Many homeowners turn off the heater in the warmer months to save on the utility bill. Your filtration system keeps the water clean.Improper chemical balances open the door to contamination, therefore it?s also advisable to use a water testing kit. It gives a good indication when you need temporary treatment, and when a pool service professional is needed.  Some manual pool covers are designed for safety to keep kids out of the water in case they slipped on the edge. Winter covers can also lower your heating and chemical use. It's a nice feature to keep leaves and bugs at a minimum. An automatic pool cover is just like a manual pool cover, except a machine rolls it back and forth along tracks. There is more to cleaning a pool, however, than keeping a proper pH balance. Not only is there skimming for floaties, but also vacuuming; scrubbing the tiles, sides, and floor; and cleaning, maintaining, emptying, and backwashing the filter and pump. A professional pool cleaning service will give you many clean, clear hours free of scale, rust, pollutants, bacteria and cloudy water. (But it?s up to you to watch for that occasional leaf.) If you own an outdoor pool in a climate that gets cold during the winter, many experts strongly suggest you winterize your pool. Winterization usually entails draining most of the water, blowing out the pipes, applying algaecide and antifreeze in key areas, and covering the pool. Winterization will protect your pool from any freeze damage that can harm your pool surface and equipment.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Learn NFPA fire safety messages at LEGOLAND Florida

NFPA and LEGOLAND Florida asked people to submit videos of their families and friends giving their best rendition of the theme song, "Put the Wet Stuff on the Hot Stuff" from The Big Test show at LEGOLAND. Members of the public were able to vote once per day to help select a winner among our 10 finalists -- and they received over 10,000 votes! Congratulations to the contest winner, Kathleen Marler and her family. Their video "Call 9-1-1" earned them the grand prize which includes LEGOLAND Florida two-day multi-park tickets for four people, two nights of hotel accommodations for four people, and $2,000 towards travel expenses.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maintenance Home Inspection

Why a Maintenance Home Inspection? Can you really afford to have a home that is unsafe for you and your family? For a fraction of the cost of what you purchased your home, you can have your home checked out and repaired before damaged or unsafe conditions worsen. Why risk it???

Our experienced, fully trained and licensed inspectors not only know what issues to look for but can advise you on important maintenance and care items that will help you maintain your home for years to come. Moreover, this will give you a complete "honey-do" list without all the guessing and uncertainty that goes into most home improvement projects.

For more information, please view our What We Inspect page.

Reasons to have a Maintenance Home Inspection:

  • Find those small problems before they become big problems.
  • Have a detailed and comprehensive report detailing the current condition of your home.
  • Save money! By doing minor repairs now it will save you from the big repair in the future.
  • No surprises when you sell. When you do sell your home in the future there won't be any unexpected surprises.
  • You may be unable or unwilling to examine areas of your home on your own.
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Inspections With Your Interests In Mind

    After saving and dreaming for months and years, you've finally found the home of your dreams. It has just the right d├ęcor, space, bedrooms and amenities you and your family need right now. You’ve checked out the schools. You’ve checked out the neighborhood. You‘ve even timed the drive to and from work. BUT, have you taken seriously the importance of having a BUYER’S HOME INSPECTION done on your home? One where YOUR interests are in mind? Probably not.

    Perhaps your neighbor has mentioned a home inspector or your REALTOR has referred their favorite home inspector? Can you be assured that this home inspector will take the time not only to perform a thorough and detailed inspection, but walk through the entire home explaining defects mentioned in the report as well as maintenance items? Will this inspector explain how systems work in a fun and educational manner so you know and feel comfortable with your home?

    After all, this is YOUR home and you want to know as much as you can about it! Finally, when you are nearing the end of the inspection, will the inspector be scrambling to get you a report onsite or will he review his notes and prepare one of the most easily understood and professional reports in the industry within 12-24 hours? After all, it is your home. Do you want a rushed inspection and report with possible errors or one that has YOUR best interests in mind?

    SitePro always has your interests in mind! After all, the largest part of our business is from happy past clients who have gone through the home buying process just like you. So buy that home and schedule your inspection today knowing you have a trusted inspection company with your interests in mind!

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